Umbre sezonul 3 dailymotion

Utilizator nou Autentificare. Sezon 3. Sezon 1. Sezon 2. Titluri similare. Clanul Soprano. Ray Donovan. Mayans M. True Blood. Imperiul din Atlantic City. Printre degete. Cinci zile. Eu sunt noaptea. Marile minciuni nevinovate. Larry David, inamicul public nr. Avenue 5 science fiction, comedie. Familia Gemstone comedie. Pionierul documentar. Legion science fiction, Inspirat din comics.

Teoria Big Bang comedie. Spune-mi o poveste thriller, psihologic. Sally pentru totdeauna comedie. Who Is America? Silicon Valley satire, comedie.

VIDEO. HBO a confirmat sezonul 3 din „Umbre”. Când apare și ce știm până acum?

Marile minciuni nevinovate Sezon 1. Urzeala tronurilor I. True Blood Sezon 1. Roma Sezon 1. Legion Sezon 1.

Cartelul crimelor Sezon 1. Dexter Sezon 1. Nu-i totul alb sau negru Sezon 1. Luther Sezon 1.The second season premiered on 12 November in 19 countries. The series starts off when Relu accidentally kills a man. Day by day, the secrets he keeps become increasingly oppressive and the lies begin to surface, one by one. Relu is a family man and a reliable friend. He is married to Gina with whom he has two children, Chuckie and Magda.

They're living together with Uncle Puiu, who, although not a relative, is treated as a member of their family. Seen through the eyes of his family, Relu Oncescu seems to be an ordinary taxi driver.

No one suspects that he's actually working as an enforcer for The Captain, a local mobster. In order to provide his family with a better life, Relu recovers money from debtors and in order to be successful, most often than not, he has to resort to threats and violence. Because he is neither criminal nor a psychopath, he has never managed to advance in the hierarchy, always doing the others' dirty work.

After accidentally killing a man, he tries to get out of the underworld, but he cannot find a way back, and his life will change forever. Gina is Relu's wife, an extremely loyal woman who gave up any personal aspirations in order to devote herself completely to her husband and two children. She loves her husband passionately after many years of marriage and she's ready to do anything to protect her family.

She is a skilled housewife, focused on everyday work: cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning and maintaining the flame of passion alive in her relationship. When she finds out that her husband is leading a double life and has lied to her for years, her universe crumbles and her reactions become unpredictable. Uncle Puiu is a member of Relu's family. He's living in the same backyard with the Oncescu family, in a modest room that still bears traces of his tumultuous life.

He's ready to do everything for Relu, Gina and their children. In his youth, he used to be one of the elite players of one of the most important clans of the underworld but, on the surface, he's been retired for years without losing the esteem of the current bosses.

umbre sezonul 3 dailymotion

He is the only one who knows about Relu's double life and he covers for him every time. Despite his old age, he still goes to the old sentimental prostitutes he used to protect.

Nico is The Captain's Relu's boss right hand and the one coordinating the enforcers. She owns a pub which is named after her and where she hosts the meetings of the local mobsters.

Nico is a product of this world and she made her way up in the hierarchy carefully and skillfully: she dresses provocatively and she's always top notch. She has a weakness for Relu but, despite all her efforts, he is not interested. The Captain is the brain behind all the illegal operations and he is respected and feared by the entire underworld. He knows everything that happens and he's rarely caught by surprise.The crime drama series Umbre follows the life of a Romanian mob enforcer.

He has to balance his life of violent crime with his responsibilities to his family. His attempts to keep his criminal pursuits a secret from his family become more difficult after he kills a man. The film first aired on HBO Romania in Relu bargains for his life with the Captains secrets. Gina and children prepare to leave, but are taken for a shocking turn.

Puiu is on the mobster's blacklist and everyone is looking for him. Meanwhile he surprises Chuckie.

umbre sezonul 3 dailymotion

Relu has returned home and he decides to change his life. When Relu goes to see Capitanu in the hospital, he finds out that his boss has been watching him for a long time and that he and his family are in danger. His only chance is finding Mr. Puiu and getting back the stolen money. After Relu talks to Nico, he decides to try one last thing and he gets ready for the most complex operation to date.

Gina discovers what Mr. Puiu has given Chuckie. Puiu has some memory problems and decides to pay a visit to a doctor, a good friend of his; he discovers some unsettling things. At school, Chuckie is challenged by a classmate, gets into a fight with him and things get out of control.

The principal calls Relu and Gina to school and they unite to defend their boy. During a meeting with the boys, Capitanu finds out that Relu didn't finish a certain job and gets very angry.

Umbre sezonul 3 episodul 2

Wanting to warn Relu, Teddy finds Magda and so the two get to see each other after a long time. Puiu pays Relu a visit and he confesses that he wants to get out of the mobster's world to take care of his family. Capitanu is looking for Relu and Nico is accused of defending him. Puiu gets into a big mess, without anyone suspecting anything, while Relu brings his cab to the car service.

In the doghouse, Relu drowns his sorrows, but clears his head to reconstruct a disastrous situation. When the dentist goes rogue and accosts Gina, Relu and company scour the town to get him back. A collection with a powerful senator goes horribly wrong.

Ginas suspicion hits a tipping point when she follows Relu to his clandestine meeting with Nico. Relu gets an offer to sell black market guns, but under imperfect conditions. A dentist in debt to the Captain outsmarts Relu and gives him the slip.Umbre Sezonul 3 Episodul 7 33, Views 22 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 3 Episodul 6 20, Views 22 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 3 Episodul 5 21, Views 22 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 3 Episodul 4 21, Views 22 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 3 Episodul 3 21, Views 22 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 3 Episodul 2 20, Views 21 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 3 Episodul 1 25, Views 21 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 2 Episodul 6 10, Views 17 decembrie Umbre Sezonul 2 Episodul 5 9, Views 10 decembrie Umbre Sezonul 2 Episodul 4 9, Views 3 decembrie Umbre Sezonul 2 Episodul 3 10, Views 26 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 2 Episodul 2 9, Views 19 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 2 Episodul 1 11, Views 12 noiembrie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 8 8, Views 8 februarie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 7 8, Views 1 februarie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 6 8, Views 25 ianuarie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 5 9, Views 18 ianuarie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 4 8, Views 11 ianuarie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 3 9, Views 4 ianuarie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 2 10, Views 28 decembrie Umbre Sezonul 1 Episodul 1 20, Views 28 decembrie TV Schedule.

Sign In. Umbre —. Season: 1 2 3. S3, Ep1. Error: please try again. A few months after the events of season 2, the Captain's team is on alert, but Nicu isn't ready to give up his plans to expand, because of the police. Magda and Teddy are trying to rebuild their relationship. Emilian is pressured by Andronache to make arrests and in his turn, he pressures Nico. Relu and Nicu are visiting Nico in the middle of the night and they sketch a risky plan.

S3, Ep2. Emilian asks his team to use any means possible to destabilize the Captain's business. Relu and Paganel take over a truck that crossed the border, but they are stopped on the highway.

Panicked, Paganel wants to step down, but his wife changes his mind. Magda and Teddy have a difficult day, not even the new member of their family, Teddy the dog, can dissipate the tension between them. Relu finds out that Gina is moving into a city-apartment and offers to help her.

Romica makes a discovery in Toma's garden. S3, Ep3.

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umbre sezonul 3 dailymotion

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Umbre sezonul 2 Episodul 4 online

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umbre sezonul 3 dailymotion

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